Why Urban Theology “Union”?

At our AGM in November 2016 UTU members agreed to a slight change in the name of our organisation. Instead of Urban Theology Unit we are now the Urban Theology Union. The physical plant will continue to be called the Urban Theology Unit and many people will carry on with the short hand ‘UTU’. But this small change is a significant one.

Okay, we’re not a trade union, like UNITE or the NUT, we’re not an economic union like the European Union. We’re not quite the Mothers Union  either. But like a trade union we want to build the collective and personal power of our members to transform their work, like the EU we want our vision to be founded in bringing peace where there is conflict, and like the Mothers’ Union we aspire to demonstrate Christian faith through action.

Learning how to be a member-led organisation is not so easy as flicking a switch; as a charity we have a lot to learn about how to listen and organise for democracy and action. But we are open to the challenge and we hope you are too!

All Christian journeys are about entering ever-more fully into your own vocation. With this decision we have entered a little more fully into ours: Welcome to the Urban Theology Union. Sign up today! Download a Membership Form

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