Unique and affordable opportunities to study Contextual theology with us this September!
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We are a constituent college of Luther King Centre, Manchester. UTU brings over 40 years of experience of doctoral supervision in Contextual Theology.

Our college is run by our staff and members, our approach is flexible. For agile learning with high standards you’ve come to the right place.

Graduate Study Seminar

Our Graduate Study Seminar meets four times a year for two days at a time in Victoria Hall, Sheffield.
We offer

  1. PhD supervision and training
  2. Independent research support
  3. Always wanted to write that book? We’ll supervise and accompany you.

Our style is collegiate and holistic as we learn, pray, and share life together. Please get in touch to arrange an appointment and apply.

PhD in Theology

The PhD is supervised at UTU and validated by York St John University(YSJ).   UTU has developed a unique collegiate style for PhD students, where students are always supported by a team of supervisors, and learn with a cohort of others who also share responsibility for peer-learning, challenge and encouragement.

Cohorts meet four times annually for two-day supervision sessions in Victoria Hall, Sheffield and for 3 training days a year at Luther King Centre (LKC), Manchester. These recognize that the whole person – spiritual, social, mental and emotional – is engaged in the research undertaken.

Our Director of Research is Revd Dr Ian Duffield and our Director of Theological Studies is Revd Dr Rob Hoch

Following our internal interview and application process, under the guidance of UTU and LKC, students directly apply and register with YSJ.

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