Kingdom-Based Evangelism

Artist Becky Farrell

Are you a kingdom-builder and kin with Christ?  

If you say yes to being any of these: 

  • not really sure/and/or not really bothered if you are ‘saved’ or ‘born again’ but see yourself as a Christian committed to working in your local area for well-being for all and think that God wants that too
  • inspired by Isaiah 61 & Jesus’ sermon in Luke 4
  • see sitting chatting over cake in a tea or coffee shop, over pie and peas in a café or a pint and crisps in a pub as part of doing mission 
  • not afraid of being seen as committed to social justice
  • better at getting on and doing stuff for people than talking about your faith
  • a bit embarrassed by TV evangelists but like ‘The Vicar of Dibley’ and ‘Rev’
  • fired up by what Jesus, Martin Luther King, Greta Thunberg and Marcus Rashford say
  • a follower of George the Poet
  • someone who is aware that the Bible says far more against greed, injustice and misuse of power than it says about sex, and think that God’s more relaxed than churches appear to be
  • a fan of Garth Hewitt’s or Andy Flannagan’s or Tim Hughes’s songs
  • a person who senses the Holy Spirit at work in many different ways

And you share these dreams with us:  

  • you’d like to see your local church as a place of unconditional welcome, that reaches out and works with local people and organisations to make your area a better place.  
  • you’d like to see individuals more at peace and comfortable with themselves
  • and you think that God does too and that people knowing God’s love for them will help all that…

… Then, you’ll probably like and be encouraged and inspired by UTU’s Kingdom Evangelism Project. 

 Kingdom-Based Evangelism 

Kingdom-based Evangelism is a shorthand term for the kind of radical, open, liberating and respectful approach to faith-sharing and discipleship that has been at the heart of UTU’s work from the outset. 

It is based on the kingdom concept, as presented mainly in Mark’s Gospel, where Jesus encourages people to see God’s kingdom as a place of justice, joy, healing and peace — often encapsulated in the Jewish word Shalom. 

It also includes the kin’dom idea that followers of Jesus are all ‘brothers and sisters in Christ’, children together of the one God. 

Kingdom Evangelism Pack  

The resources downloadable from this page have been written by a wide group of practitioner theologians from within the Anglican, Catholic, Baptist and Methodist traditions, brought together to create new materials about sharing faith from within this paradigm. They are aimed at ministers and lay or ordained people working for the churches or Christian projects. 


Here’s a Table of Contents and links so you can take in the topics at a glance: 

Kingdom Evangelism Pack 2021 Introduction and Contents
And the whole pack  can be downloaded as a condensed file  here 

We also hope that the Pack will grow and be complemented with content in other media. We welcome contributions of all sorts from other people who feel our passion for kin’dom and Jesus-life-based evangelism, and a church that is working with the Holy Spirit and intentionally engaged with people’s practical lives and relationships with God.   


Kingdom Evangelism Seminars

Erica Dunmow, convenor of the Project, is hosting Kingdom Evangelism Seminars: a regular gathering of Christians wrestling with how to share our understanding of the kingdom of God and what it means to be kin with Christ with people who don’t yet follow Jesus’ teaching, or have a relationship with God. 

These seminars are hosted by UTU on Zoom as a safe space where we can admit we’re not very good at faith-sharing but want to be better, share our frustrations with target-driven mission, and maybe produce materials that will give good heart to others.  

 We are delighted that Rev Dr Rob Hoch, UTU’s Director of Theological Exploration will be joining us too. He has valuable pastoral and theological insights to offer into the mix.  

Forthcoming Seminar dates: 

26 April 2022
14 June 2022 


Wanting more information or to be part of the conversation?  

Please email Jill Wagg our Administrator on the email below to register your interest, and she will send you the Zoom link:


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