AGM 2021

UTU AGM 2pm, Saturday 20 November 2021
City wires and networks–how Christians navigate them

Please RSVP to Jill in the office indicating whether you will be coming to the meeting by Zoom or in person (0114 2709907/

For our AGM, Sat 20th Nov 2021, we are privileged to have the opportunity to link to Baltimore in Maryland, the city where the challenging series The Wire was set, to look at how Sheffield and Baltimore tick as cities and how Christians have engaged with their complex communities. Gwen Brown, a community organiser in Baltimore will talk with Rev Julian Sullivan, who spent many years as Vicar at St Mary’s Bramall Lane in the multi-faith socio-economically deprived Broomhall area of Sheffield. Together they will reflect on how their faith affected the way that they engage in tough urban ministries. This is a launch event to develop a new course helping those in full-time lay or ordained ministry navigate their way around inner urban settings, that UTU will run in 2022.

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