Certificate in Theology & Mission Course


September 2019 – June 2020 

Aim: to facilitate the development of each participant’s own personal theology and mission.  

Areas: to include bible study, contemporary theology, personality temperaments, urban theology, liberation theology, discipleship, rule of life spirituality, public theology, social and political development. 

Method: collegial, with all members participating, and guest resource lecturers joining the group as appropriate.  The staff/student group will constitute a learning colleagueship, within which each participant will learn group methods but also pursue their own personal interests, and contribute research and writing relevant to them. 

The UTU Diploma in Theology and Mission was from 1972 to 1999 the pioneering programme that provided a unique experience of theological and vocational training, linked to the realities of the city, and developing new theological and biblical studies which influenced profoundly the several hundred who took the course. 

Now, twenty years later, we have revived the course to suit 21st century needs and offer a new programme of Theology and Mission work.   

Course Co-ordinator: Rev Dr John Vincent 

The Certificate Group will meet at UTU monthly on Mondays.   

Cost: £200.00 includes £50 for books & resources supplied to all participants, also free use of premises and kitchen (tea, coffee & milk) 
Plus £45 membership and library subscription if not a UTU member 
Please ask your Church or Circuit for a grant. 


 Autumn 2019 
Getting all of ourselves onboard 

16 September: Mark 1
Personal history.  Situation analysis.  Past Theology.  Clarifying intentions. 
Myers Briggs Temperament Sorter.  Ways into the Gospel.  Book list, 

21 October: Mark 2
Who?  Where?  What?  How?  When?  With Whom?  Why?  Of our lives.  
Jesus, Gospel, Discipleship, Faith. Paper on my journey so far. 

18 November: Mark 3
Contemporary options in Bible and Theology.  
Liberation Theology, Radical Bible, Feminist, Urban Theology.  Practice Interpretation. 

16 December: Mark 4
Rule of Life, Spirituality, Holy Habits, Intentional Community.
Paper on a Gospel story calling me.  Reading and assignments for Spring Term. 

 Spring 2020 
Creating Theologies and Projects 

20 January: Mark 5
Digging deeper at the place that seems fruitful. Gospel models, paradigms, people, Biblical antecedents. Paper on personal calls. 

24 February: Mark 6
Looking at some alternative Gospel perspectives. Parables, Discipleship, Christology.
Paper on my Theology – 1 

23 March: Mark 7
Further Gospel perspectives
Community, Politics, Public Theology, Social Action Theology
Paper on my Theology – 2 

20 April: Mark 8
Discipleship, Spirituality, Vocation, Work.  Personal Theology and Mission.
Paper on Gospel projects. 

 Summer 2020 
Creating Mission 

18 May: Mark 10
Who?  Where?  What?  How?  When?  With whom?  Why? 
Paper on my journey from now 

15 June: Mark 11
Paper on my future mission
Discussion on next steps 

For further information & application forms, please contact the UTU office. 

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