Summer Forums

Outline for UTU Summer 2019 Forums 

 What might a morally and financially sound macro-economics be ?  

convened by Erica Dunmow 

UTU Teaching Library – 12 noon to 1.30pm Wednesdays May 22nd,  June 19th and July 17th, 

A Saturday round-table discussion as part of the Festival of Debate to be arranged  

 A series of three Forums and a round table discussion, looking at the moral understanding of how we use money, invest in other people’s enterprises, and support those in need –  traditionally in the Abrahamic texts, widows and orphans, sick people and aliens (those resident but born in another place and outside the culture). 

The world economic system – currently dominated by monetarist capitalism – is failing people in disadvantaged circumstances. In those countries where the model is most closely adopted, the gap between those on the lowest income and those on the highest remuneration (including share issues etc.) is growing. 

What have the economic moralities of the three Abrahamic faiths (out of which cultural context the Western system came) got to offer to critique this system and propose for a new model? This may be teaching that has been conveniently forgotten over the centuries, or which is being newly re-interpreted or developed. 

Each month a speaker from one of the three Abrahamic faiths will offer a well-informed but personal perspective on how the teachings of their faith might be interpreted to create a fairer, yet still entrepreneurial, economic order.  

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