UTU Summer School 2017 – Community in the New Testament and Today

On the 10th to 12th July 2017 we had our Summer School led by John Vincent and organised by the Ashram Christian Community.

Members of both communities came together to give papers and discuss the theme of ‘Intentional Community’ in the New Testament and to hear about contemporary examples.

Ian Wallis gave us a thorough exegesis of the meanings of community in Luke-Acts and Ruth Wilde helped us reflect on the mystical take on community found in John’s gospel.

Both papers pointed us to the challenge that disciples are not meant to ‘try’ and be like Jesus but to do ‘greater things’ and be commissioned to take on his call entirely.

We heard about people’s experiences of belonging to many contemporary communities including: Catholic Worker Movement, Othona Community, Northumbria Community, Ashram Christian Community, Scargill House and more – it was interesting to see all these alongside one another in conversations.

We also heard about Christian worker co-operatives, food fellowship and other examples of building community through hospitality and shared participation.

A huge thank you to everyone who made these exciting three days possible. The list above does not do justice the many contributions made.

Next year’s Summer School will follow up this theme of Community and will be on 9th to 11th July 2018. Put it in your diary today!


  1. Revd Maurice Stafford

    Thank you for your update. I am many miles away in deepest Norfolk but hope to return to live in Sheffield or South Yorkshire one day (perhaps 3 years time). I cannot get to most things as I have a number of years to go before I can retire. But I would be happy to be kept in the loop. Sincerely Maurice

  2. keithhebden@gmail.com

    Hi Revd Maurice,

    Thanks for your comment. Don’t wait three years as we have members even in deepest Norfolk! If you haven’t already please update your UTU News email address to include your region.

    Best wishes,


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