6 “Buts” that stop you going further in theology…

At UTU we offer an MA in Contextual Theology. Always thought about doing more study but weren’t sure it was for you?

  1. I’ve got a degree in Theology or a related subject BUT it was a-a-ages ago. 
    All that time spent getting on with life after your degree will be just as important in your next academic step up. Contextual theology is about bringing real life to the conversation about mission and evangelism looks like where you are right now. UTU offers a course to propel you out into the world not lock you up in an ivory tower. With subjects like ‘Jesus and Empire’ and ‘Situation Analysis’ you’ll feel better equipped for ministry than ever.
  2. I’d love to do study BUT I’m in full time ministry and haven’t got time. 
    Our MA is part time with four modules studied over two years and then a dissertation. One of your modules might be a research question tailored to your area of gift and calling.
  3. I’d love to do some deeper thinking BUT studying is a lonely activity. 
    UTU is an ecumenical member-led charity made up of people in ministry, education and activism. We’re Methodist, Anglican, Unitarian, Pentecostal, Baptist, Catholic, Quaker, Mennonite, Congregationalist and some of none of the above! You’ll learn and think out loud alongside Christians of various traditions and perspectives so that learning never happens in a silo.
  4. Thinking about the big questions is exciting BUT theology is just about having clever answers. 
    An MA in Contextual Theology gives you space to find new ways to live out the big questions. We’ll never tell you what to think but we always give you space to think. We’re not interested in whether you know lots of technical words – they often get in the way of clear thinking. If theology is going to be a tool for ministry then we had better get used to thinking in ways that people actually understand.
  5. I’d love to study more BUT what about the cost?
    UTU is part of a federation of colleges called Luther King House delivering Russell Group degrees and a sensible price. Because our MA is part time the cost is spread out. You can speak to your denomination about financial support and see the Luther King House website for information about grants. Students pay per module and can take two years to complete the modules or spread the learning out over several years to make the time and money pressure easier to manage.
  6. Okay maybe I do want to do an MA in Contextual Theology BUT I’m just not sure what to expect…
    Fair enough. Come in and see us. Or better still come to our Contextual Theology Taster Day (27th February 11 am to 3 pm) and see for your self. Use the contact form below to find out more and register and interest.

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