Happy New Year!

From our Director, “It’s been a huge learning curve as I’ve experienced my first four months at UTU. The staff have been incredibly encouraging and welcoming and I’ve watched them do what they do with huge admiration for their skills and experience.

“I’ve been frustrated in my plans to speak to every member. I didn’t expect to get that done by Christmas but I thought I’d be ahead of where I’m at. Partly this has been because of an equal energy to get to know people who are not yet members but with whom we share so much in common. I look forward to getting back on track with this in the new year.

“As well as the name change from Urban Theology Unit to Urban Theology Union we have seen a significant increase in our online profile. We went from no Facebook page to one which is reaching over 2.5k people every week and we’re seeing new sign ups because of that opportunity.

“Our first phase of the new website has gone pretty well and our twitter account continues to engage with existing members and recruit new ones.

“What about 2017? Well if we can be as bold in the next 12 months as we have been in the previous quarter we’re looking at an energetic and growing organisation that is going to have a real impact on the wider church and community.

“It’s a great challenge and opportunity and I hope you will join us as we stare down 2017 and defy it to be as divisive and violent as the year gone. Things don’t always get better; but they don’t always get worse either.

“As Jyn Erso, the unlikely hero in the latest Star Wars put it, “Rebellions are built on hope”.”

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