Summer Internship


From 11th June to 11th July 2018 the Urban Theology Union is pioneering a brand new Summer Internship for Radical Discipleship. (We’ve blogged about it here).

We aspire to train 10 young people from inner city and estate contexts every summer to learn how to do liberating theology that engages them in listening, reflecting and acting in ways that disturb the comfortable and comfort the disturbed.

Working with partner churches, each week our interns will spend 15 hours in seminar sessions and 15 hours in a carefully planned and intensive placement experience. This might be with their sponsor church or in a new context.

Because we believe that no one should be barred from taking part in this valuable experience because of cost we are looking to our supporters and members to help raise the costs of internship.

Are you a member of UTU who wants to give a little more to support and equip urban ministry in ways that will have an impact for decades to come?

Are you a current or former student who would like to pay forward the life-changing experience you had at UTU?

Would you be willing to visit our secure CAF page to support this prophetic work?

Outline of Internship

Week 1 Listening In

Introduction to context with 8 one-to-one half hour conversations with congregation members and meeting with church/project support team.

Introduction to methods of actively listening and reading your context.

Week 2 Contextual Analysis and Theological Reflection

Portfolio of information about your context and methods of contextual analysis. 4 one to one half hour conversations with community leaders.

Week 3 Theological Reflection

Introduction to Principals of Christian leadership and Communication. Presentations in Seminar and presentations to leadership in host congregations. 4 one to one half hour conversations with congregation leaders.

Week 4 Prophetic Action

Introduction to methods and theology of prophetic action. Final planning and delivery of presentation and conversation with whole congregation.

Week 5 Reflection

Personal reflections and Presentation of papers to the UTU Summer School.

Autumn – An Evening of Celebration and Thanksgiving (Date tbc)

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