Urban Theology UNION

Our Story so far… 

In 1969, inspired by base communities in South America and New York, Revd Dr John Vincent set out to equip and encourage a new generation in the British urban church.

The Urban Theology Union continues to have a reputation for radical contextual theology. UTU was built by its members and is re-learning how to be member-led and member-driven: true to its founding vision.

We are an ecumenical, charitable organization that continues to equip and encourage the urban church; disturbing the comfortable and comforting the disturbed. We are a growing organisation and always welcome new members to get involved.

Our new resource centre – the Urban Theology Unit – is in the heart of Sheffield but our members are invited to meet locally for study and action. If you are a member who would like to get connected in your region please let us know.


UTU is a charitable organisation limited by guarantee. 

Our charitable objectives are:

  • The promotion of the Christian religion and the development of Christian ministry in urban communities
  • The promotion and provision of schemes of study and training including courses and lectures for the ordained and lay people of research projects and the publication of the results of research directed at relating Christianity to the needs and opportunities of urban communities
  • The promotion of such other charitable purposes as may from time to time be determined

We do not have a statement of beliefs or require members to assent to one. We respect the diversity of our ecumenism, with our shared objectives, and commit ourselves to faith in action.

Registered Charity No: 1115390  |  Company Ltd by Guarantee Reg No 5763786


UTU membership brings you into a national network of people living out their Christian faith in urban context. Members also receive regular newsletters, email updates, and elect our trustees who are all members of the Urban Theology Union.

Members also have lending access to our library and other resources at the Urban Theology Unit in Sheffield and receive discounts on some in-house books and courses.

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